Shoreway Ready for the Kitimat Dredging Project

LNG Canada and Boskalis continue to advance the marine and dredging construction activities in the harbor of Kitimat to ensure the existing harbor is ready for larger vessels.

Image source: Solog S.A.S.

According to the LNG Canada latest update, they will begin the disposal at sea dredging activity shortly.

The company said that for this dredging work, trailing suction hopper dredger Shoreway will arrive in the harbor this week, after which Boskalis will begin the dredging and disposal at sea activities.

The Shoreway is a self-propelled vessel used for dredging loose and soft soils. It does this by lowering a suction tube into the seabed and suctioning dredged material out of the water.

LNG Canada also added that the vessel will be actively dredging and disposing dredged material 24-hours a day for approximately two months. The Shoreway will display the required navigational lights and signals while dredging and disposing at sea.

Boskalis has been hired as the main dredging contractor for the development of the first large-scale LNG export facility in Kitimat, Canada (LNG Canada).

Overall, the work includes the removal and remediation of contaminated and non-contaminated sediments at the site of the future facility in order to provide the required physical space and marine access for the construction of LNG Canada.