VIDEO: EDDY Pump’s Subdredge Put to the Test

Thad Pratt, along with other Coastal and Hydraulics Laboratory engineers and technicians, successfully tested the Mini-Robotic Dredge’s capabilities on the ERDC campus in Vicksburg, Miss., Dec. 20, 2018.

The new remote-operated Subdredge, which was built by EDDY Pump, was delivered to the Army Corps approx. two months ago.

The MRD is being evaluated for its expeditionary dredging capability to support improved access to the shore and reduce deployment timelines during Anti-Access/Anti-Denial and Humanitarian Assistance/Disaster Relief Operations.

The modular dredging system consists of three standard commercial sized shipping containers and can be deployed within an hour in any harsh dredging environment.

Subdredge specifications:

  • Powered by a 325 Horsepower Hydraulic Power Unit;
  • 6-inch Eddy Pump capable of moving up to 225 cubic yards of material per hour over distances up to a mile;
  • Advanced machine learning capability that will allow it to operate autonomously.