New Analysis on Nourishment Performance in Denmark

The Danish Coastal Authority recently released an analysis on nourishment performance at the Danish living laboratory at Skodbjerge.

In the report, the authority said that one of the benefits of nourishments as a means of coastal protection is the fact that they blend into the natural environment. In turn, this means that the effects are difficult to untangle from the natural variation of the coastal system.

The analysis was done to identify the effects of shoreface nourishment by taking the autonomous behavior of the system into account. This has proven important since in depth knowledge of the system is required in order to put the nourishment effects into perspective.

In this study, the evolution of the 2011 nourishment has been investigated in depth. In order to do this, the nourishment in 2010 has been taken into account to determine if the observed evolution was influenced by this prior nourishment.

Furthermore, the 2010 nourishment functions as a basis for comparison and evaluation of the 2011 nourishment design.

This analysis report is one of 7 national reports presenting the results from each individual living laboratory in the Building with Nature project. The results will be compiled into a joint co-analysis providing for comparing nourishment performance and generating a better understanding of the factors that determine nourishment evolution, reported the Danish Coastal Authority.


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