Stationary Dredger Milady Hits the Water

The stationary dredger SEEM 16-640ST Milady, with a steel hull and aluminium structure, has officially been launched at Merré Shipyard in France.

Set to be delivered later this year, the Milady was built by Merré Shipyard for the Services Industriels de Genève based in Switzerland.

The concept of the SEEM 16-640ST cutter suction dredger, designed by the Merré Design Office, allows her use in several working surroundings and is transportable by road.

These dredgers can also be disassembled and operated in different working conditions.

According to Merré, dredging work is carried out by two crew members.

This stationary dredger is optimized and designed for the dredging operations on the Rhone River.

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