Royal IHC to Build New TSHD for NMDC

The Abu Dhabi based National Marine Dredging Company (NMDC) and Royal IHC from the Netherlands have signed a contract for a new twin screw 8000m³ trailing suction hopper dredger (TSHD).

The new custom built TSHD will be specially designed to work in high ambient temperature with a dredging depth up to 45 meters.

According to an official NMDC announcement, the dredger will join their fleet during the next year.

Earlier this year, NMDC inked a contract with Ravestein B.V., also from the Netherlands, for design, construction, commissioning, trial and delivering of new backhoe dredger.

The backhoe dredger technical specifications:

  • Length – 60m;
  • Width – 18m;
  • Draught – 4.5m;
  • Dredging depth – 22m;
  • Bucket size – 14m²;
  • Spud forces – 400T each;
  • Spudwinches – 100T each;
  • Spudcarier – 10m.

NMDC is one of the pillars of the Abu Dhabi maritime economy, responsible for opening new marine routes and canals, creating new ports, building artificial islands, boosting tourism and helping to deliver waterfront real estate projects.

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