Starcross and Cockwood Scheme Officially Opened

The Environment Agency today (April 5) officially marked the opening of £4.8 million Starcross and Cockwood flood defense scheme.

The new coastal defenses include 4 new flood gates, newly raised ground, slipway improvements and nearly 600 meters of raised and refurbished flood walls.

Alongside the project’s flood defense benefits, the scheme has included work to enhance habitats for local wildlife and to improve walkways for residents around Cockwood Harbor.

The scheme significantly reduces the risk of tidal flooding to the communities of Starcross and Cockwood, taking into account the impacts of climate change and rising sea levels until 2050.

Sir James Bevan, Chief Executive of the Environment Agency, said: “These new flood defenses will see 650 homes and businesses in Starcross and Cockwood better protected from coastal flooding and the effects of climate change for decades to come.

The scheme was officially opened today by Philip Rees, Chair of the South West Flood and Coastal Committee, in a ceremony with local representatives.

The Environment Agency is making a number of improvements to increase the level of flood protection in the local area. Across England the EA is investing £2.6 billion in flood and coastal defense schemes between 2015-2021 to better protect 300,000 homes from flooding.