Royal IHC Delivers 2000th Dredge Pump

Image source: IHC

Royal IHC today symbolically handed over the 2,000th dredge pump to be built by the company to its new owner – Jan De Nul Group.

Commenting the latest milestone, Royal IHC’s CEO Dave Vander Heyde, said: “We are proud to have delivered our 2,000th pump. Reaching this impressive number is the result of continuous development from research, learning, acquiring feedback and applying this knowledge to new pump designs.”

“IHC has maintained this approach over several decades. Jan De Nul Group has been a strong partner for years by continuously challenging us to further improve our equipment. It’s a pleasure to deliver this pump to them today.”

“We are pleased that this pump will be installed in one of our vessels,” added Robby de Backer, Director Newbuilding Department at Jan De Nul Group.

“This impressive number is proof of the outstanding quality of these dredge pumps. It is also a witness to the long-lasting collaboration between Royal IHC and Jan De Nul Group. This pump will be the heart of our new 18,000 m3 TSHD, as it is of many dredgers over the world.”

About the 2,000th dredge pump

The 2,000th pump is one of two onboard double-walled dredge pumps for Jan De Nul Group’s new self-designed 18,000m³ trailing suction hopper dredger (TSHD) that is currently being built.

According to IHC, these pumps have been designed to deliver a total installed power of 7,000kW each, which enables them to discharge 33 bars of pressure when operated concurrently.

The pumps are equipped with IHC’s latest Curve® technology. The Curve® impeller, with its innovative shape and blade curvature, ensures that the pumps perform with excellent suction properties over the prolonged lifetime of the product, said IHC.


Photo: Image source: IHC