New Sand Arrives at Adelaide’s West Beach

The Government of South Australia’s Department for Environment and Water said in its latest release that immediate works to address erosion at Adelaide’s West Beach are continuing this week with new sand placement operations.

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Sand will be relocated from Semaphore South breakwater to West Beach to build up the area’s dunes to address the ongoing erosion.

Coastal Protection Board Presiding Member, Allan Holmes, said that sand erosion at West Beach is a long-standing issue and while sand placement will address the problem in the short term, the State Government is investigating long-term solutions.

“Adding sand to the foreshore at West Beach is important because it increases dune volume and increases resilience of the area,” said Mr Holmes said.

“West Beach is already in poor condition – the eroding foreshore has been hit hard by the tide, even though it has been mild weather.

“The continued and staged carting of sand to replenish eroded areas at West Beach is a tactic to protect the area.

“Also, the sand carting will build up the dunes and help to protect the vulnerable foreshore from further erosion during the winter months.”

Danish Hydraulics Institute (DHI) released a report last year that outlined long-term approaches to address erosion at West Beach.