Nags Head Beach Nourishment Project Kicks Off

Nags Head’s beach nourishment is now underway with the Dredge Ellis Island pumping sand onto the beach just south of Limulus Street, reports the Town of Nags Head, NC.

According to the report, the Town is conducting a 90-120 day-long beach nourishment maintenance project, which started May 1, 2019.

The current schedule calls for the project to progress south towards the southern project terminus near Mile Post 21 (at the town/National Park Service line).

Once this area has been completed, operations will turn north from near Pelican Street and progress towards Outer Banks Pier and then towards Jennette’s Pier.

The Town also added that Great Lakes Dredge and Dock’s second vessel, the Liberty Island will begin working off of a second submerged line installed between Conch Street and Hollowell Street near Mile Post 11.5.

Construction in this area is planned to begin around May 13 and will progress north to Mile Post 11 first, before moving south from the sub-line near Conch Street and then further south towards Jennette’s Pier.