Second Week of Oceanside Harbor Dredging Project

Manson Construction crews continue their work in the City of Oceanside Harbor (CA), dredging some 110,000 cubic yards of clean sand over the past week.

This was stated at the weekly dredge progress meeting held yesterday morning.

According to the contractor, there is an additional 170,000 cubic yards left to dredge.

Ocean swells have been much greater than predicted causing some minor delays. The dredge vessel had to move back into the harbor inlet in order to operate, the officials reported.

They also added that swells are expected to calm starting today and then pick up again over the weekend. The grunion have had little impact on dredging operations.

Manson will be making an effort to discharge further south on Oceanside beach beginning this weekend and hopefully provide much needed sand past Linear Park. As stated often, all of this is subject to change at any time.

Dredging operations are expected to end approximately May 17th, leaving a full week remaining to demobilize no later that Friday, May 24th.


Photo: Photo courtesy of the City of Oceanside