Manson Wraps Up Oceanside Dredging

Image source: City of Oceanside Harbor

Manson Construction, a Seattle based provider of heavy marine construction and dredging services, has successfully completed its dredging work on the Oceanside Harbor entrance area in California. 

According to the City of Oceanside Harbor’s latest project update, Manson is now in the process of de-mobilizing all pipe, equipment and vessels.

They should be gone by the end of Friday, May 24th. They will level the beach before they leave,” the city stated.

Sand dredged from the harbor was used to replenish Oceanside beaches as a byproduct of the maintenance project.

During the latest survey of the harbor entrance in February 2019, Manson determined there is 300,000 cubic yards of clean material to be placed on Oceanside beaches.

The harbor and its activities are significant factors in Oceanside’s tourism-based economy.

Photo: Image source: City of Oceanside Harbor

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