Czech and Polish Officials Visit Port of Gdansk

Members of Parliament from the Czech Republic, the Marshal of the Senate of the Republic of Poland Stanislaw Karczewski, and the Pomeranian Governor Dariusz Drelich visited the Port of Gdansk last week.

The meeting between the representatives of the Port of Gdansk Authority and the delegates from the Czech Republic was held at the Port Master’s Office at Port Polnocny.

During the meeting, the transport potential and the handling capacity of Gdansk’s port were presented in the context of trade between Poland and the Czech Republic.

“The Czech Republic has huge export potential. Thanks to the purchasing power, we can increase our handling capacity,” said Slawomir Michalewski, the Vice-President of Financial Affairs at the Port of Gdansk.

“The flow of cargo exported from the Czech Republic by sea to non-EU countries constituted about 27% of the entire export in the previous years. For comparison, in Poland export was at the level of 38%. Shorter transit times between Gdansk and the Czech Republic and competitive prices compared to the ports of Western Europe make us the right business partner.”

According to an official announcement, ongoing investments carried out at the port were also listed, including quay expansion, dredging of the fairway at the inner port, and the modernization and expansion of the road and railway network.