Nags Head Beach Nourishment: Dredger Ellis Island Remains in Norfolk

The Town of Nags Head, North Carolina, has just released the latest update on their coastal construction project, saying that the dredger Liberty Island is beginning beach nourishment work near the Curlew Street public beach access at about Mile Post 11.5.

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The other Great Lakes Dredge and Dock’s dredger Ellis Island remains in Norfolk due to required repair work.

“Beach nourishment construction in the south end of Nags Head near Mile Post 20 has been temporarily halted due to the dredger Ellis Island traveling to Norfolk for repair work. At this time, we do not know when the dredger Ellis Island is expected to be back on the project,” said the town.

According to the update, the dredger is still expected to work to just north of Outer Banks Pier near Mile Post 18.5 before leaving the project in mid-June.

Construction near Mile Post 11.5 started yesterday and will progress quickly north to the Bonnett Street public beach access at 2919 S. Virginia Dare Trail, before turning back south again from a landing point just south of the Curlew Street public beach access and progressing south towards the Outer Banks Pier near Mile Post 18.5.