Saving Quinns Rocks Coastline by City of Wanneroo

Ongoing erosion of the Quinns Rocks coastline over a number of years has been alleviated thanks to long-term coastal management works conducted by the City of Wanneroo, WA.

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Winter storm conditions have caused substantial wear and tear to the foreshore for a number of years, with sand movements causing the beach to slowly recede over time.

The City of Wanneroo stepped in to save the shore, with an initial coastal management study and a comprehensive community engagement process starting back in 2014. Following this, the Quinns Beach Coastal Management Works have been included in the City’s Capital Works Program since 2017/18.

The construction and extension of groynes have enabled additional sand to be trapped between them, resulting in a wider beach and an improved buffer against erosion, said the city.

The installation of a ramp has improved beach access for maintenance vehicles, while extensive beach renourishment and dune rehabilitation works have also taken place.

Stage one of the coastal management works were completed in June 2018 at a cost of almost $2.3 million, while stage two works were completed in March of this year at a cost of approximately $2.8 million.

According to the City of Wanneroo’s latest announcement, the stage three construction will begin in October this year, continuing into early 2020.