Ellicott Dredgers Ready for Altamira Job

Two Ellicott dredgers are set to begin a dredging project near the Altamira Port Complex in the state of Tamaulipas, Mexico. 

An Ellicott Series 670 Dragon dredger is currently being used to perform routine maintenance on the navigation and access channel for a private industrial terminal.

“In fact, the medium-sized cutterhead dredger contains a 14”x14” pump with a total installed power of 800 HP (597 kW). The dredger is also capable of digging up to  42 ft (12.80 m).  This versatile dredger is capable of handling a variety of dredging applications, including ports, harbors, and inland waterway maintenance projects,” the Baltimore based manufacturer of dredging equipment said in its release.

The 670 has been recently joined by an Ellicott Series 1270 Dragon dredger, which will be utilized for the expansion of another private industrial terminal in Altamira.

The Ellicott 1270 includes an 18”x18” pump and a total installed power of 1350 HP (1007 kW). The larger cutterhead dredger is capable of reaching digging depths of up to 50 ft (15 m).

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