Nags Head Beach Nourishment Continues

Due to a leak in the submerged pipe through which sand is pumped from offshore onto the beach, nourishment operations south of Outer Banks Pier, near Mile Posts 18.5-19, have stopped, reports the Town of Nags Head, NC.

USACE photo

As a result, the Dredge Ellis Island, which was working off that submerged line, is now operating in tandem with the Dredge Liberty Island at the nourishment construction area in the north end of Nags Head, near Mile Post 12.5, the town said.

They also added that repairing a submerged pipe requires a few days and calm seas, so the beach nourishment contractor, Great Lakes Dredge and Dock, has instead decided to put the Ellis Island to work in the north end of town before she departs the area on June 16 for another project.

According to the town officials, the closed area of beach near Mile Post 19 will be re-opened as equipment is removed. Although two dredges will be working in tandem in the north end of town, there will still only be one closed construction area.

The update also stated that construction near Mile Post 12.5 is progressing south of the landing point located near the Curlew public beach access. On about Thursday, June 13, the pipes running south of Curlew will be moved to the second landing point in the 4300 block of South Virginia Dare Trail (north of Danube Street).

Construction will then progress about 500 feet north to tie into the beach built from the first landing point.

Once that is completed, work will progress 500 feet south. Then, the Liberty Island will move to additional landing points as construction makes its way south of the Outer Banks Pier to tie into the beach already completed by the Dredge Ellis Island.

Construction is expected to be complete in late August or early September.