Bandy Creek Boat Harbor Contract Awarded

The Government of Western Australia has awarded a $4.9 million contract to Italia Stone Group (Pty Ltd) for the construction of the new weir at Bandy Creek Boat Harbor in Esperance.

The contractor will begin work on the nine-month project in July, which will include 10,000 tonnes of earthworks and rockworks and see 400 tonnes of concrete poured.

After a significant flood event in 2007, the weir was reconstructed, and in February 2017, the current structure was overtopped by floodwater causing significant damage including erosion of its foundation and a collapse at the southern end.

The new weir will be less susceptible to future damage and will be located 50 meters upstream of the old weir.

It will allow tidal flushing and fish movement between the creek and harbor to continue with no impact on the water level or quality of the Ramsar protected wetlands upstream.

The government also announced that the biennial maintenance dredging has commenced at the harbor and will see 50,000 cubic meters of sand removed by August allowing continued safe navigation of the entrance.


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