Manson Wins Oakland Harbor Dredging Contract

Manson Construction Co. of Seattle, Washington, has just won a $16.7 million contract for the maintenance dredging works in Alameda County, California.

According to the U.S. Department of Defense, the contract includes annual maintenance dredging of the Oakland Inner and Outer Harbor federal navigation channel.

The contracting agency – US Army Corps of Engineers, San Francisco District – estimates that this project will dredge approximately 756,000 cubic yards of material to a depth of -50-ft MLLW plus 1-foot of allowable paid overdepth.

Most of the material excavated from the Inner and Outer Harbor will be used for wetlands restoration, habitat enhancement, and upland construction projects in and around San Francisco Bay.

USACE also added that only a small amount of dredged material may be disposed at the Government-furnished deep ocean disposal site SF-DODS.

The Oakland Harbor maintenance dredging project will be completed by mid-December 2019. Dredging season is restricted to this time period to protect endangered fish and fowl.