USACE Testing the Subdredge

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has conducted large scale field testing of the Mini Robotic Submersible Dredge (MRSD) in Virginia.

The Subdredge, designed and manufactured by EDDY Pump Corporation, is the latest dredge being added to the US Military’s tool chest.

During testing, there was a real dredging project near the test site.

Instead of contracting this project, the impromptu job was completed by the MRSD during testing.

Next stop will be operations in the UAE for a joint military project later in 2019.

About the Subdredge

The Subdredge (MRSD) is transported then deployed from a shallow water landing craft, LCM-8 or similar craft.

The MRSD fits on a LCM-8 vessels with the robotic dredge, power unit and pilot house. It can be operated from shore or the power unit can be left within the landing craft.

The Subdredge can clear strategic landing areas that would otherwise be inaccessible and clear below ships or piers.