Further Shoaling in Reeve Channel, Dredging on the Way

A recent bathymetric survey has identified further shoaling in the Gippsland Lakes’ Reeve Channel between Port Lateral Mark buoy No. 6 and Starboard Lateral Mark buoy No. 1, the Gippsland Ports reported earlier this week. 

According to their release, “least depths recorded were 1.4 meters at LAT. Deeper water with least depths 1.8 meters LAT lies to the West of buoy No. 6 and closer to No. 1.”

In the coming weeks, dredging operations are expected to take place in Reeve Channel, including the mentioned shoaling areas.

During the dredging operations, buoy No. 6 may need to be temporarily withdrawn from service or re-established in another position, said the Gippsland Ports.

The Port of Gippsland Lakes is one of Australia’s biggest and most beautiful inland waterways. The port waters cover 420 square kilometers from Sale in the west to Lakes Entrance in the east, and include Lake Wellington, Lake Victoria and Lake King.

Dredgers are often operating in the area of The Bar, ‘The Narrows”, Reeves Channel, Cunninghame Arm and the eastern end of Hopetoun Channel.