Mariupol Dredging Kicks Off

Image source: USPA

The Port of Mariupol dredging program, undertaken by Technical Bureau Azimut LLC, is officially underway, the Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority (USPA) reports. 

Image source: USPA

The grab dredger Seal Sands arrived in Mariupol Port on July 1 and already kicked off the dredging operations.

This is the first of three vessels that will conduct the Mariupol scheme, in accordance with an agreement concluded between USPA and Azimut on April 29.

Two more dredging vessels, the Gigante I and Jose Duarte, are set to arrive at Mariupol in the following weeks to join the project, said USPA.

According to the agreement, by the end of 2019, the contractor will remove 1.98 million cubic meters of material from the port’s areas, including 1.87 million cubic meters from the approach channel and 115.000 cubic meters from the inner port zone.