Rainham Marshes Work Progresses

Land & Water, the UK’s largest environmental civil engineering company, is currently working on its wetland habitat creation project on the River Thames at Rainham Marshes – the largest habitat creation project ever constructed inside the M25 and London’s biggest wildlife haven.

Image source: Land and Water

The project involves creating a significant area of new wetland habitat from re-engineered spoils, coupled with a strategic investment in riverside infrastructure to support significant projects along the Thames Corridor for decades to come.

Commenting the latest progress, James Maclean, CEO of Land & Water, said: “Remediation undoubtedly has its role to play in sustainable transport and the re-use of waste. Our two-stage strategy includes the creation of a new wetland habitat in Essex neighbouring the well-established RSPB nature reserve and the restored Veolia landfill site adjacent to us. This is a really exciting project for us which will take shape over the next 25 years, where we will be making a real difference.”

“Our second strategy involves our Thames-side marine logistics wharf at Coldharbour Lane, also in Rainham. We’re thinking about the future of the River Thames and how Land & Water can play an integral part in using it more intellectually. Our plan involves using the wharf as an opportunity for logistics and supplying commodities into and out of London. We hope our hub will feed a fleet of electric distribution vehicles deep inside the city, which will have a positive long-term effect on the environment, and ease congestion”

This new facility saves 86 articulated lorry movements into and out of the capital for every 1,200-tonne barge that leaves the hub. It also provides Land & Water Group with a major operational foothold in the Thames, allowing the company to offer credible logistics solutions to its clients and major projects in the London basin.

Image source: Land and Water