City of Rockingham Secures Coastal Grants

The City of Rockingham (WA) announced today that it has secured two Coastal Adaptation and Protection (CAP) grants for 2019/2020, which will be used to carry out coastal monitoring, modifications and upgrades along the city’s coastline.

Image source: City of Rockingham

The CAP funding will be administered by the Department of Transport on behalf of the State Government.

According to the city, one of the grants will be used for designing the upgrades to the Point Peron Spur Groyne.

The city plans to employ a consultant to produce concept and design drawings for the groyne, which provides protection to nearby boat ramps and also controls the build-up of sand in the area.

City of Rockingham Mayor Barry Sammels said that the CAP grants had an important role to play due to the fact that the coastal environment surrounding the city is constantly evolving.

The City of Rockingham is the place where the coast comes to life and it is important that we carry out these works to ensure residents can continue to enjoy everything that our wonderful coastline has to offer,” Mayor Sammels said.

He also added that the grant for the Point Peron Spur Groyne will allow the city to carry out important modifications and upgrades.