Dredging Program Underway on Peach Bottom Marina

The Peach Bottom Marina, located on Fulton Township’s Peters Creek in Pennsylvania, closed September 3 for dredging and other improvements.

According to Deena O’Brien, a spokesperson for Exelon Energy, the work will include dredging about 9,000 cubic yards of sediment from Peters Creek.

Removing that much sediment will give the marina and its access to the Susquehanna between one and five more feet of draft – the space between a boat’s keel and the bottom of the creek.

These works will make it easier for boats to use the facility and will also allow boats to pass under the Norfolk Southern bridge that spans the creek between the marina and the river.

The dredged soil will  be stored in geotubes, textile tubes that allows the water to filter out while retaining the solids.

The process, called de-watering, will take most of the winter.