New Sand Arrives at Woorim Beach

Moreton Bay Regional Council’s contractor, Slurry Systems Pty Ltd, has officially kicked off their first sand back-passing campaign on Woorim Beach, Queensland, Australia. 

A target volume of 10.000m³ of sand will be captured at the Benalong Street site and pumped to one of the outlet sites located along Rickman Parade in Woorim.

“It is anticipated that this first campaign will take between two and four weeks to complete, subject to favorable wind and wave conditions. Working hours are limited to 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM and it is expected that working days will be limited to weekdays, unless agreed between Moreton Bay Regional Council and the contractor to take advantage of favorable weather on weekends,” the council said in its latest update.

The advantages of a sand back-passing system include the flexibility to undertake regular back-passing works without being wholly dependent on dredging contractors, and to be able to respond to erosion events quickly.

Detailed studies into the feasibility of a sand back-passing system were completed by specialist consultants who concluded that a sand back-passing system, similar to those installed at Noosa, Maroochydore, and the Gold Coast, would be an appropriate means of addressing coastal erosion at the Woorim site.