Rosewood Beach Nourishment Project Progresses

Significant progress has been made in recent weeks in the construction of the Rosewood Beach Sand Nourishment project, informs the Park District of Highland Park.

Image source: Park District of Highland Park

According to the Park District, sand is being strategically placed along both the Nature Cove and the Swimming Cove with a steep grade at the water’s edge. Once placed, the sand will begin to shift providing a more gradual grade.

The Illinois Department of Nature Resources (IDNR) and IEPA regulate sand used for all projects along the Illinois shoreline.

Under the rules, the sand must meet IEPA water quality standards and be geologically the same as the sand that comes from the bottom of the lake.

The project will build out both coves by 40 feet.

Sand will be strategically placed and include a combination of Torpedo Sand, a finer grain sand already at Rosewood as well as Birdseye Sand, a heavier grain sand comprised of small smooth pebbles that stay in place during extreme wave action.