Port of Rotterdam: The Slufter Opens for PFAS Silt

The Slufter, the depot for contaminated dredged material from the Port of Rotterdam, can now also accept dredged silt contaminated with PFAS – a group of over six thousand synthetic chemical substances that occur in non-stick coatings, paint, fire extinguisher foam, clothing and many other products.

These substances are sometimes toxic, have very low degradability and are now appearing in the environment on a large scale.

During dredging works, contaminated silt is also dredged. This dredged material cannot be distributed in the sea.

In the port, the Slufter opened for this on Maasvlakte in 1987.

The Port of Rotterdam Authority and Rijkswaterstaat are co-owners of the depot.

According to the port authorities, the Slufter is the safest location to store extremely contaminated dredged material.

The surface water is monitored vigilantly in these areas and, where necessary, controlled measures can be taken to minimize the PFAS concentrations in the depots and in effluent (purified wastewater).

Photo: Image source: Port of Rotterdam