Atlantic Beach Dredging Wraps Up

The Town of Atlantic Beach, North Carolina, has successfully wrapped up their annual dredging project, reports WNCT9. 

Image source: USACE

Last week, the town completed removing a couple of thousand cubic yards of sand in five channels at Atlantic Beach.

The $126,000 project is a benefit for residential and commercial boaters.

Commenting the latest news, Morgan Kerns, director of recreation, communications, special events for the town, said: “It allows for boat passage easier and some of the dredging we just completed were residual damages left from Hurricane Florence.”

If left untouched, the canals could become too shallows for the boats.

“Channels change naturally anyways, sand is always moving, but especially after large storms like Hurricane Florence it can significantly change the landscape under the water,” added Kerns.

A portion of the project was funded through a state grant and the town of Atlantic Beach pitched in $42,000. The project began a month ago and was completed last week, informs WNCT9.