Final Phase of the Ashland Lakefront Project Complete

After more than seven years of work that involved the safe removal of thousands of tons of impacted sediment and debris and the installation of a long-term monitoring and treatment system, crews have completed the final phase of active construction at the Ashland Lakefront Project.

The entire area looks great and has met or exceeded all of our goals for the project,” said Mike BeBeau, project manager. “This could not have happened without the strong partnership with the community.

Next, the project team will submit a remedial action completion report to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

The agencies will then prepare a final close-out report that will review all remedial actions taken at the site including Phase 1 (on-land remediation), Phase 2 (sediment remediation) and the restoration of Kreher Park.

The on-land area will be fenced until all regulatory approvals are received at which time the company will transfer control of the area to the City of Ashland. Final approvals are expected by mid to late 2020.

J.F. Brennan of La Crosse, Wisconsin, was hired as a subcontractor to provide all water-based remediation services, installing isolation barriers, dredging and capping.


Photo: Image source: The Ashland Project fb page