Tybee Island Beach Renourishment Project Kicks Off

Tybee Island Supplemental Beach Renourishment Project is officially underway, according to the city latest report.

Mayor Jason Buelterman announced yesterday that the City of Tybee’s beach renourishment project is starting from 8th Street to 5th Street.

A small segment of the beach will be closed in this vicinity, but otherwise, the beach is open. The project is 24/7 and will emit a low, humming noise in the immediate project area,” Buelterman said.

The $13.8 million renourishment deal, awarded to Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Company, will place 1.25 million cubic yards of sand on Tybee’s beaches from about Fort Screven all the way to just south of the Tybee Pier.

The overall objectives of the project are to replenish the volume of sand lost due to the Irma and Maria storm events, increase the storm protection function of the beaches, and to maintain or improve resiliency of the beaches within the project limits.

This beachfill program will be the third renourishment project coming to the area in the last five years.

The estimated completion of this coastal protection scheme is February 16, 2020.