Nawi Island Marina Plans Get Major Boost

Plans to have the Nawi Island Marina operational by May 2020 has received a major boost with the involvement of the Fiji Navy and its Hydrographic Unit.

Image source: Nawi Island Limited/South Pacific Marine Limited

The Fiji hydrographic office is the national charting agency and is responsible for the conduct of hydrographic surveys. The office will be sending out a team to Savusavu this week, where they will carry out reconnaissance on the Nawi Island Channel before the major sea bed mapping will occur in a few months.

According to the Fiji Navy, the hydrographic survey of the Nawi channel will allow new depths in the channel to be found especially after the dredging operation which is currently being carried out.

The survey, to be carried out by the Unit, will also enable relevant authorities to determine the maximum draught for vessels allowed in the channel. It will ensure the channel is surveyed with full bottom coverage using latest survey equipment. Any changes to seabed topography, aids to navigation and coastline will then be updated in the relevant nautical chart.

This survey will result in the production of maps for the Nakama channel and the most importantly the Nawi Island Marina. It will ensure the latest up to date nautical information is available to mariners using the channel.

Apart from allowing for safe navigation into the Nawi Island Marina channel, this survey will bring long term benefits for surrounding villages, the local community as well as the shipping industry and the nation’s Blue Economy as it will allow for more traffic of yachts in and out of Savusavu.

At the moment, Nawi Island Marina channel is being dredged by Hall Contracting.