Rohr-Idreco Builds Cuttingwheel Dredger for Mineros Aluvial

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Rohr-Idreco Dredge Systems, a manufacturer of deep digging electric dredging vessels and equipment for the mining and dredging industries, is currently building a large electrical cuttingwheel dredger for Columbian gold mining company Mineros Aluvial.

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The dredger will have a max digging depth of 28 meters and production capacity of 270 m³/h.

“Our innovative and sustainable dredgers combine over sixty years of experience with the most advanced control and automation systems. All our vessels are built to last according to the highest specifications, with a lifetime supply of parts and services being an integral part of our service,” said the company.

According to Rohr-Idreco, with a length of 53 meters and a breadth of 8.60 meters, this piece of equipment will weight approximately 255 tons.