Cape Porpoise Dredging Wraps Up

Photo by Coral Siligato

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New England District, has just released the latest update on the Cape Porpoise dredging scheme in Maine, saying that the work is now complete and the harbor can be opened back up to the local community.

The project, conducted by Coastline Consulting and Development, involved maintenance dredging of approximately 30,000 cubic yards of sandy and fine-grained material dredged from the 6-foot channel and 15-foot anchorage and channel and placed at Cape Arundel Disposal Site, located approximately 5 nautical miles from the harbor.

During the work, the contractor successfully removed around 25,000 cubic yards of primarily fine and medium grain sand and silt from approximately 12 acres of the authorized project area.

The Corps’ most recent dredging of the harbor took place in 1976 when a mechanical dredge removed approximately 123,000 cubic yards of sediment from the 15-foot channel, 15-foot anchorage, and 6-foot channel, and placed the material at the Cape Arundel Disposal Site.

Photo by Coral Siligato

Photo: Photo by Coral Siligato