Murphy Candler Lake Dredging Begins

One of the jewels in Brookhaven’s park system – Murphy Candler Lake – should be shining brighter by summer thanks to a maintenance dredging project slated to begin shortly.

The Brookhaven City Council recently selected Merrell Bros., Inc, Kokomo, Indiana, to conduct a much needed underwater reclamation project at the lake.

The venture is an outgrowth of the Nancy Creek Watershed Improvement Plan adopted by the Council in 2016 and is one of several projects planned to improve the water quality of the lake.

The dredging effort was needed due to a mass accumulation of sedimentation along the northern portion of the lake that was promoting the growth of invasive species.

Merrell Bros., Inc., is a nationwide biosolids management company that has been helping municipalities, industries and agricultural operations successfully manage and recycle biosolids since 1982.

The contract awarded to Merrell Bros. was for $1,795,828.

An estimated 13,768 cubic yards, or 20,652 tons, of sedimentation will be dredged during the course of the project.

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