Rohr-Idreco Delivers New Dredger to HH Van der Velde

Image source: Rohr-Idreco

Rohr-Idreco, a manufacturer of deep digging electric dredging vessels and equipment for the mining and dredging industries, is completing the delivery of the DRAGA4030 for their Dutch customer HH Van der Velde.

The vessel will be equipped with an IMP300 pump, achieving a working depth of 40 meters.

This jet suction dredger will be completely autonomous and can be monitored and operated from shore.

The DRAGA4030 is containerized for low-cost transportation and delivery to remote locations.

According to Rohr-Idreco, the dredger’s modular design allows for short delivery times and continuous availability of spare parts.

Image source: Rohr-Idreco

Photo: Image source: Rohr-Idreco