Britannia Beach Project Set for July

The riverbed in the swimming area of Britannia Beach, Ottawa, will undergo construction work from July to October, to restore the grade and proper water depth, reports the City of Ottawa.

As a result, the beach will be closed to swimming and all other beach activities this summer.

The dredging part of the project involves removing silt and sand that has collected on the riverbed from years of currents, waves and weather.

The last time dredging was done at Britannia Beach was 1990. Right now, water depth in the swimming area has been reduced to less than half a meter at the peak of the swimming season.

According to the city officials, the schedule for construction follows Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change regulations. It restricts when work on shorelines and in water can be conducted, to minimize impact on fish habitats and other significant aquatic species.

The budget for the project is $3 million.