Jacksonville Harbor Deepening Project in Full Swing

Image source: USACE/Mark Bias

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Jacksonville District is increasing the depth of the existing federal channel along the St. Johns River from its current depth of 40-feet to a maximum depth of 50-feet.

The Army Corps yesterday released a couple of photos showing the latest progress on the Jacksonville Harbor deepening project.

The Jacksonville dredging project will allow for larger vessels to access the channel; therefore reducing transportation costs, providing increased navigational safety, while avoiding or minimizing impacts to environmental resources.

The scheme is divided into four segments, contracts A-D, which make up the full length of the 13-mile federally authorized project.

Contractors for USACE are simultaneously working to complete contracts A and B, which will deepen a total of 8 miles.

Contract A is scheduled to be complete in spring 2020, with contract B scheduled to conclude in May 2021.

Image source: USACE/Mark Bias