City of Newcastle to Prepare CMP for Stockton

The City of Newcastle Council has been directed to prepare its Coastal Management Program (CMP) for Stockton as an urgent matter of priority.

Minister for Local Government Shelley Hancock said that the Council has been given until June 30 this year to complete its CMP to address the issue of erosion at Stockton Beach.

Last year after visiting the region I expressed my expectation that Council was to fast-track its investigations into finding long term solutions to manage the beach. However, they are yet to provide me a completed CMP.

“Now under section 13 of the Coastal Management Act 2016, I have directed Council to expedite its preparation, given the amount of community concern and interest in Stockton Beach and to help ensure a long-term management plan is finalized as quickly as possible.

“The Department of Planning Industry and Environment (DPIE) will do everything in its power to assist Council to meet this new deadline.

“To that end, Council will be assisted with resourcing for the additional staff required to expedite the preparation of the CMP.

Last year, Stockton Beach was declared a Significant Open Coast Location. City of Newcastle Council can now apply for funding to implement actions in their Coastal Zone Management Plan and emergency action subplan at any time.