Guiding the Future of Lake Macquarie’s Beaches, Lake and Swansea Channel

A new Coastal Management Program under development at Lake Macquarie City Council will help guide the future for the city’s beaches, lake and Swansea Channel, the council informs.

The program is a new requirement for coastal councils under NSW Government legislation, with the aim of creating consistent principles of ecologically sustainable development for the State’s social, economic and cultural wellbeing.

Manager Environmental Systems, Tim Browne, said that once complete, the Coastal Management Program would replace the current Coastal Zone Management Plan adopted in 2015.

“We’re looking to identify new and innovative ways to improve the health of our lake, beaches and coastline,” Mr Browne said.

“These and existing methods need to be weighed against the importance of maintaining community access and recreation in these areas.”

Development of the Coastal Management Program involves five stages:

  • Identify scope;
  • Determine risks, vulnerabilities and opportunities;
  • Identify and evaluate options;
  • Prepare, finalize and adopt;
  • Implement, monitor and evaluate.

Mr Browne said that the first step would continue until June.