Update on the Entrance Channel Dredging Project

The Central Coast Council yesterday (Wednesday, 18 March 2020) released an update on dredging operations at the Entrance channel.

Image source: Central Coast Council

According to the Council, the 2020 dredging program for the Entrance is well underway with technical surveys of the channel and the surrounding beaches completed in the past four weeks.

Central Coast Council acted quickly after the NSW Government provided $600,000 funding for the program by bringing forward these planned activities, which had been forecast to start later in the year,” the Council said.

The grant, which matches Council funding, identified these actions as critical aspects of the overall program.

The technical surveys of the channel and the surrounding beaches completed so far include an underwater survey of the channel bed and an aerial survey of the sand spit and coastline using drone and laser technology.

As we have seen recently, the estuary including the channel and surrounding beaches are a dynamic system, that continually changes over time. More than 143,000m³ of sand was naturally removed from the channel and surrounding area during the flood event – about the same volume that was removed over the past three dredging programs combined,” the Council said.

Officials also added that the Council is investigating other activities that may be implemented under the dredging program to manage the Entrance channel area in the shorter term. Tender documents for a comprehensive dredging program are also well underway.