Dragflow to Deliver New Dredger to the States

Dragflow, an Italian producer of dredging equipment, announced today that their new massive dredge is about to be shipped to the USA.

Image source: Dragflow

Our massive dredge is almost ready to fly to USA,” the company said in the announcement.

According to Dragflow, the new dredge is ready to take on a complex project dredging fly ash in a power plant that’s being decommissioned. The customer needs to maintain a very steady concentration of solids due to his solid/water separation plant.

The dredge is equipped with an 240kW, EL300HC dredging pump that will work at a flow of 2000m³/h and an on-board booster station to launch the material at 3200m distance.

The dredge features an automation package that regulates the position of the pump and maintains a constant solid concentration in the pipeline by just pressing a button.