Land & Water Using HVO Fuel

Land & Water Group Ltd., one of the leading civil and engineering companies in the UK, recently hosted a fuel demonstration event at their Rainham site, showcasing the revolutionary hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) fuel.

Image source: Land & Water

At Rainham, the company is operating the only licenced dredge material disposal site in London.

There, Land & Water welcomed a number of guests giving them a tour of this on-going habitat creation scheme as they saw the company’s excavators in action.

At the site, the machinery is using HVO fuel instead of diesel.

Supplied by Crown Oil, the HVO fuel has many benefits including: up to 90% net carbon neutral giving it the potential to significantly reduce the carbon output of construction projects; as a plant based fuel, HVO is hydrogen promoted (not ester like conventional biofuels); HVO is biodegradable (an important benefit for Land & Water which works where land and water meet); etc.

Land & Water is proud to be creating a more sustainable industry, dispelling the myth which suggests that liquid fuels will soon become a thing of the past. This easy to use alternative offers a very simple solution – switch your fuel! We were thrilled with our guests’ feedback and hope this encourages everyone to embrace HVO’s revolutionary fuel alternative,” the company said in the announcement.