Bradford Bay Channel Dredging on the Way

SumCo Eco-Contracting LLC of Peabody Massachusetts, has won a $1.6 million contract to perform maintenance dredging on Waterway of Coastal Virginia Bradford Bay Channel.

The channel, located in Accomack County, Virginia, serves as a vital waterway for commercial fishermen and U.S. Coast Guard vessels stationed at U.S. Coast Guard Station Wachapreague.

According to the Army Corps’ Norfolk District, the contract calls for the removal of nearly 118,000 cubic yards of dredged material to bring the channel to a depth of seven feet, which includes dredging to the prescribed depth of six feet with one additional foot of over depth.

We have dredged Bradford Bay Channel several times in the past, 2014, 2013 and prior to that in 2003, with all being small business set asides,” said Ian Uliana, a Norfolk District Operations Branch project manager.

The contract marks the first time the district has awarded a contract to SumCo Eco-Contracting. The district has a goal of awarding contracts to 10 new businesses per year, and this contract marks the third new contractor for Fiscal Year 20.

This is an important initiative for our district,” said Cherie Kunze, Norfolk District Deputy for Small Business Programs. “Even though some of these companies may have worked for other agencies, or other Corps Districts, we want to keep track of when they get their first award with Norfolk District.”

According to Kunze, most of these first time contractors receive their first award with the district  through a competitive bidding process.

Through this initiative we are expanding our industrial base of qualified contractors that can help us support our mission. Regardless of what size or economic category that a contractor fits in, Norfolk District is always looking for the right contractor to keep our clients happy while delivering quality projects at the best possible price to the tax payer,” said Kunze.

According to the contract details, the contractor has 135 calendar days after the Notice to Proceed is given to perform the work. It is up to the contractor to best determine the schedule, manpower and amount of equipment that will be utilized.