The Concept of the Twin Dyke

The concept of the Twin Dyke in northern Netherlands is almost ready to prove itself, informs the Dutch Water Sector.

Along the Wadden Sea, a 2.5 km long double levee section has been constructed.

The area between the levees is now being designed with controlled sea water inflow for the farming of salt tolerant crops and silt sediments.

The Twin Dyke section is part of a wider levee reinforcement project for all levees near Delfzijl to meet new requirements that prelude on future sea level rise.

The requirements also include the levees to be earthquake proof as this part of the Netherlands has one of the world’s largest natural gas fields.

Most of the levees have been raised at the crest, widened at the toe and newly covered with asphalt at the seaside. The Twin Dyke section is an exception to this.

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