Backhoe Dredger Sarb Inaugurated in the Netherlands

National Marine Dredging Company (NMDC) has just announced the inauguration of the backhoe dredger Sarb in the Netherlands.

Image source: NMDC

The inauguration comes as a part of NMDC’s international growth and fleet investment strategy which is aimed at positioning the company as a leader in the industry.

The contract for the new dredger was inked by the UAE based dredging contractor and Ravestein B.V. at the NMDC headquarters in Abu Dhabi on February 15, 2019.

The “Sarb” has the following technical specifications:

  • Length – 60m;
  • Width – 18m;
  • Draught – 4.5m;
  • Dredging depth – 25m;
  • Bucket size – 14m²;
  • Spud forces – 400T each;
  • Spudwinches – 100T each;
  • Spudcarier – 10m.