Bell introduces BCD 250-M

Bell Dredging Pumps B.V. has just introduced the BCD 250-M, an updated design of the Bell Cutter Dredger (BCD) 250.

This is a multifunctional dredger with suction and cutting depth up to 9 or up to 15 meters.

According to Bell, it’s available in two variations: diesel driven or fully electric. It has a total installed power of 405 kW and is able to produce 1250 m3/h of mixture.

“The BCD 250-M is multifunctional because three of our dredge heads can be installed for all different types of soil. The water jet assisted cutter head for compact layers of sand, and clay,” the company said.

The water jet assisted double cutter head with double cutter power for even harder materials, and the water jet assisted sand production head for loose materials like silt, sand and gravel.

Photo: Bell