Loyall slope repair wraps up

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Nashville District has completed work to repair a slope above the Cumberland River diversion channel in Loyall, Kentucky.

The Corps of Engineers awarded the $3,921,775 Loyall Slide Repair contract February 13, 2019 to Kay & Kay Contracting, LLC, in London, Kentucky.

Michael Lee, Nashville District project manager, said that a lot of credit for completing the repair project on time and on budget goes to Mike Merida, contractor’s project manager; Zach Sewell, contractor’s superintendent; Allen Malcomb, Nashville District project engineer; and Joe Duncan, Nashville District quality assurance inspector; and Bruce Rogers, Nashville District geologist.

“We had to excavate the slide area from the top down in a series of lifts, stabilizing the exposed rock with rock bolts and geogrid (geosynthetic material, made of polymers, that is used to reinforce soil behind retaining walls),” Lee said “We placed engineered rock fill in a series of lifts against the excavated rock wall to provide a buttress for long-term stability.”

The contractor completed slope repair May 27, 2020.

Photo: USACE