Napier Port 6 Wharf project coming along nicely

The Napier Port 6 Wharf project is coming along nicely and is set to complete on time, by the end of 2022.

Napier Port

According to the latest update, the contractor – HEB Construction – has so far made good progress with piling, having installed 13 piles out of 400 that will support the wharf.

With progress on track for the first section of the wharf, preparatory work for piling the second 200 metre section has started.

This prep work involves:

  1. Relocating any penguins found in the revetment wall to the sanctuary
  2. Removing the existing limestone rock and boulders
  3. Backfilling the area with smaller recycled fill to build a foundation for sheet piles
  4. Installing sheet piles along the edge of the wharf area to create a temporary wall that will prevent erosion of the port (from wave and tidal forces).

Once all that is complete, piling in this second section can start.

Napier Port also announced that Heron Construction Co has started dredging in the berth pocket, disposing material at the offshore disposal area.

So far, the team have dredged around 30,000 cubic metres of the total 1.3 million cubic metres that will be dredged during the project.