PHOTO: TSHD Bonny River working on the river Elbe

DEME Group has just released this amazing photo of their trailing suction hopper dredger (TSHD) Bonny River during her work on the river Elbe in Germany.

The TSHD Bonny River has a large jet pipe on her suction tube that uses extracted overflow water from the hopper that is pumped back to the seabed and integrated into the dredging process.

Image source: DEME

This enables the vessel to achieve ‘closed loop dredging’ whereby the  turbidity generated by the process water is eliminated, which is particularly important in environmentally sensitive areas.

According to DEME, this TSHD is able to dredge very hard soils and can work in deep waters of more than 100m.

“All over the world our extensive dredging fleet is busy performing maintenance work along vital port access channels, rivers and waterways to make sure container giants can reach their destination safely and efficiently,” said the company.

“Maintaining these vital arteries is crucial for world trade and our crews and vessels are playing an essential role in making this possible.”

Photo: Image source: DEME