TSHD City of Cardiff visits A&P Falmouth

The latest vessel to visit A&P Falmouth for a standard dry docking is the trailing suction hopper dredger City of Cardiff, A&P Group Limited said in their latest announcement.

The 72-metre long vessel, owned by Tarmac Marine Dredging Ltd., is undergoing dredging suction valve and dredging equipment repairs.

A&P Group has long been recognized as a specialist for offshore vessels, dredgers and tankers and its Tees facility in particular, has become a center of excellence in the field.

Over the last year A&P has carried out numerous highly specialist dredger jobs which have extended vessel life significantly and reflect the group’s inhouse engineering and fabrication expertise.

One of the most significant projects involved trailing suction hopper dredger Heortnesse, which saw its life extended by in excess of 15 years.

Photo: A&P Group Limited